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    Bartender shows, erotic performances and theme parties — all this promises Max Show — a club with 20 years of professional history.


    The owners describe the club as a venue for not only a quality and comfortable implementation, but also a bright evening: in addition to a club rest, it is worth going here to get on any of the frequent Max Show programs — performances, entertainment contests and draws.

    Many Belarusian artists, musicians, hosts of the show, for example, Dima Wrangel and the ‘Danger Zone’ group, began their career in Max Show. A whole generation of talented Belarusian artists has grown up in the club.

    Two other strengths — colossal experience and work without days off: Max show in the club format works 7 days a week.


    The thread of a club rest at Max Show was conceived of a passion that can be seen in interior design: the main color here is red: sofas, bar counters and wall decorations wrapped in it.

    There is no obsessive strong lighting here, and the most striking element of the interior is the central bar, where, for example, bartender shows or go-go performances often take place. The comfortable tables in the club are arranged in a circle, so you can watch the show program.

    The club serves European cuisine as an appetizer or dinner. The cocktail card focuses on the classics.


    Themed parties are surprising here, they take place every weekend and every time radically differ from each other. Moreover, the theme of the evening is answered not only by the show: the food and clothing of the staff are also sustained in it. Erotic show programs, bartender shows and DJ sets are often held here.

    Club parties are held every weekday, but some events always dilute them: contests with draws, women's nights with erotic men's performances, similar events for men and much more.

    Entrance fees can always be found on the poster.

    Hello. a few days ago you had a chance to visit your club. many scold security officers - in vain, the work of security on a 10-point scale 10. You can not say about the DJ of this club. monophonic music. Your club is visited by people of different ages and everyone has their own musical taste. so maybe in the future you will pay attention not only to the younger generation, but also to older people. I would really like to) But in general, the program is not bad.
    The music and the program as a whole are quite good, very polite waiters, the prices are reasonable, but the impressions of the guard's behavior are very spoiled, completely inadequate! How can such non-educated people be employees in such establishments?
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    Akademiya nauk
    Show program, Dance floor, Striptease, Dj
    Parking, Dress code, Smoking allowed, Pay by credit card

    Address night club «Maxshow club»

    Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 73
    cinema Oktyabr
  • TIN: 100436518
  • Recorded in the Commercial Register Торговом реестре 29.06.2006, No. 129216
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